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Treated Lumber and Fence Posts for Landscaping in Abbotsford, Richmond and Surrey

As we all know, the secret to a strong and stable house is a good foundation. We treat our landscaping projects the same way. Use our treated lumber and fence posts to give your landscape project a sturdy foundation to build on. Sourcing only the finest quality, our lumber products offer high levels of stability and can withstand the test of time and erosion. If you’re tired of always having to correct your frames and fence posts during the build, or have them needing touch-ups soon after finishing the jobs, then we recommend that you contact our team right away to get the supplies you need. We service both residential and commercial clients across Abbotsford, Richmond and Surrey. 

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Treated Lumber and Fence Posts

Get a hold of top-quality treated lumber products to build a strong foundation for your landscaping project.

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